Piano Moving

Piano Moving: Local and Long-Distance Piano Movers

A piano is a possession prized by many of our clients. These large and highly-valued items need to be treated with the utmost care and consideration. That is why we have such a strong reputation for being the piano movers you need for a quality outcome.

Ideal Movers and Storage piano moving services are designed to consider the age, size, shape, weight, and condition of your piano. We want you to have a fantastic musical instrument and conversation piece ready to go in your new location. Trust our years of experience and local knowledge to get your piano safely moved from A to B.

Why Hire Professionals for Piano Moving?

Anytime you want to move a piano, you undertake a pretty significant risk. Not having the correct materials, help, or moving strategies can lead to serious damage to both your prized piano as well as the surrounding property. These are heavy, delicate instruments that require specialized knowledge and equipment to move safely.

At Ideal Movers and Storage, we have spent years successfully moving pianos of all shapes and sizes. When you work with our experienced piano movers, you get a tailor-made experience that protects your piano properly.

Instead of relying on rented equipment from U-Haul that is not designed especially for pianos, you get a team prepared with the proper piano disassembly and reassembly skills that can also suggest fantastic piano tuning experts when the move is complete.

Local Piano Moving

Our experienced and highly trained local piano moving services offer a cost-effective solution to safely and securely moving your piano. We offer a range of special equipment and competitive pricing options according to your need for:
  • Upright piano moving
  • Grand piano moving
  • Concert piano moving
  • Specially designed piano moving
We provide booking flexibility with the ability to set up your next piano moving service two weeks ahead of your anticipated date. We are even happy to offer piano tuning, disassembly, and reassembly services if needed.

Long-distance Piano Moving

As part of our Ideal Movers and Storage piano moving services, we help clients up to northern New England and as far south as Virginia. This includes carefully wrapping, setting, disassembling, and assembling various piano sizes. We use specialized equipment to handle your musical instruments, with optional tuning if required. Be sure to book our professional piano moving services at least two weeks in advance so we can better plan your long-distance piano moving needs.

Preparation for Piano Moving

Preparing your piano for moving is essential to ensure it is safe and secure during transport. We highly recommend you take the time to prep your piano, including securing accessories, loose parts, covering the keyboard, and more. Some general tips include:
  • Take measurements beforehand so you know where to place it next.
  • Carefully clean and assess your piano and bag your various accessories.
  • If you have a lid, please lower and secure the top.
  • Cover and close the keyboard.
  • Keep all your accessories nearby so our professionals can include them in the move.
We will handle the special materials and disassembly of your piano upon your request. That may include removing the legs or placing straps in specific areas to protect the soundboard.

Get an Estimate

Of course, the easiest way to decide how to best move your musical instrument is to have our local piano moving experts do the work for you. Simply contact our team to schedule a virtual or in-person estimate. We will discuss the various specific needs of your instrument and provide an in-depth and accurate quote based on the distance we will be traveling, the type of piano being moved, and any additional services you request.

Trust the Expert Piano Movers at Ideal Movers and Storage

For over a decade, our expert team has provided the special equipment for piano moving and competitive pricing needed for residential and commercial clients. We work with all types of pianos, from concert pianos at local colleges to uprights in homes and commercial spaces. Use our flexible booking and contact us today to schedule your next piano move. Thank you for choosing Ideal Movers and Storage!

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