Long Distance Moving

Customized Long-distance Moving Solutions for Every Need

Long-distance moves can place a great deal of stress on any family or business. Trying to keep track of all the items you need while adhering to a schedule and watching your budget can quickly lead to burnout halfway through your move. With our expert long-distance movers, you get a team you can trust. We have the packing supplies and moving expertise to ensure all your belongings arrive at your target destination safely and efficiently. For over 30 years, Ideal Movers and Storage has worked hard to build a solid reputation for our reliability and professionalism. Let our moving services be your answer to an easy long-distance move.

Why Use a Local Moving Company for Long-distance Moves?

Many clients make the assumption the best way to handle cross-country moving is to hire a large national moving company, but that is not the case. There are several advantages to using a local moving company like our insured long-distance movers, like:
  • Exceptional Experience – We have spent decades working in the moving industry, carefully managing items of all shapes, weights, and sizes. We know how to safely pack your items and boxes, so nothing dramatically shifts, and they are better protected.
  • Family-Owned Business – Want peace of mind your moving estimate will be as close to the real deal as possible? Work with a family-owned and operated business that thrives on its reputation in the local community.
  • Flexibility – In addition to our professional long-distance movers, we also have access to two self-storage facilities for flexible storing of any items you may not be prepared to move quite yet. This is an excellent option for our commercial moving clients.

How Far Does Ideal Movers and Storage Operate?

Ideal Movers and Storage is proud to serve most of the East Coast. Our New England long-distance moving services extend throughout the region to the tip of Maine. And we operate all through the mid-Atlantic, down to Virginia. We can also provide safe long-distance moving to as far west as western Pennsylvania.

Whether you are moving across town or heading out of state, we provide the reliable long-distance movers you need for a safe, secure, and cost-effective outcome. Call us today to learn more about our long-distance moving and storage options.

How Ideal Movers and Storage Can Help with Out-of-State Moves

Anytime you need interstate moving services, you deal with a unique set of new challenges. That is why working with our licensed long-distance movers is the best choice. Our team of experienced movers works closely with you to communicate a flexible plan fit to your unique needs.

It doesn’t matter if you need moving boxes, overnight stays during your move or flexible storage facilities for an extended period. Ideal Movers and Storage has you covered!

Why Ideal Movers and Storage Instead of U-Haul?

Working with a big-name brand like U-Haul sounds easy until it comes time to handle your long-distance moving yourself. All of a sudden, the cost and time needed to properly pack, store, and transport your items becomes significantly more complicated.

Working with our professional long-distance movers helps alleviate that stress because we have the expertise and experience to handle all the logistical challenges that crop up during interstate moving. We can quickly pack and unpack your items where you want, so you can focus on the other details of life while we do the heavy lifting.

We’re also more flexible than the big guys, and can often work on as little as two weeks’ advance booking, even during our busy season from May through October.

Packing for Long-distance Moves

We understand how crucial it is to pack your personal belongings carefully, so they do not get jostled or dislodged during long-distance moving. That’s why we are happy to provide packing supplies, moving boxes, and even our best moving tips to ensure all your items are transported safely and securely.

Our experienced, licensed long-distance movers carefully wrap your items from the piano in your den to the tubs of Legos in your kid’s closet. We offer customizable long-distance moving services specific to your packing needs so you can save time and money from doing it yourself.

Coverage Options

In addition to the safe long-distance moving experience our professional team provides, we are also happy to offer comprehensive insurance coverage. This can include:

  • Basic coverage
  • Full-Value Protection coverage

Our highly-trained professional technicians will provide more details on these options during our initial moving estimate. They will discuss how the different coverage options help you get the peace of mind you need for your upcoming move.

Ready to Get Started?

The next time you are planning a long-distance move, rely on one of the best long-distance moving companies around in Ideal Movers and Storage. We have the experience you need to get your belongings safely and efficiently transported to your new destination. Contact us today to schedule an estimate and discover the many benefits of working with a trusted, experienced, and licensed long-distance moving team.